General Terms

  • We are being a website in the name of under the organization of SanSra Integrated Business Systems India Pvt Limited which is registered firm under the resistor of Companies act, is issuing the following terms &conditions observed by the service needed public. Therefore the terms &conditions that are mentioned here under will bind them, for which the user or visitor of the is to open and go through the terms&conditions.

  • For convience the word “we” indicate the“www.sansra.Com ”the word “You” indicates the person, the group of persons or the said group of persons who needs the services of the website.

  • We will not hold answerable or responsible for any mistake information that crept into information, as the information is put to available is as the form received.

  • is one of the service of the SanSra Integrated Business Systems India Pvt Limited which is a reputed service oriented organization registered as per the companies act.

  • The management is not accountable of the accuracy, correctness of the location of the services needed and also the services that can be expected from

  • Any time the place and the services etc of the website may be changed, for which the management will not answerable and no enquires entertainbale from the users of the website.

  • The visitors or users of the website are free to enquire about all those particulars available on the website of the service needed.

  • The contract entered into by the client, Visitor, user the needy person deemed to have been enquired into and ascertained into, after that the dissatisfaction of the user with regard to the service by the service provide and the losses or any damages caused of any type both the parties that is needy public and the party or person who is a service provider approached by the website visitor.

  • The Management got every right to withdraw, modify, Change, stop, delete and to replace the information that was available on the website before conclusion of the contract with the needy person, in this regard no communication invited and entertainbale.

  • The management put all the data available with regard to the website with phone numbers and address, further information is necessary that is left to the service provider.

  • In case of not contacts with website management by the user of the website it is deemed the website users have been satisfied with the terms and conditions of the website.

  • The management got every right to procure necessary and required data of any type of services from any source and is at liberty and use the same for commercial purpose and in that way no abstraction from the website user be entertained.

  • The website user is not at liberty and precluded from using the same for preparation of the website, and also barred to know the “from” source.

  • The website user/visitor/subscriber are not to encourage the source releaser to be antagonist to the website management .At any point of time/ at the same time the source provider can make a request to delete/ modify/update/remove his /organization/company information without requesting any receipt payment made by the website management

  • Any information, advertisements like which are available on the website will not make the management a responsible one for ascertainment. The website user/visitor/ subscribers are to verify and act accordingly.

  • The contract will come into force after the satisfaction the payment made by the party by the way of Demand Draft, Cheque, Cash, Credit Card or Online fund transfer.
  • If the payment is made by the way of cheque subject to realization only.

  • The management will not be the responsible for dissatisfaction of the purpose of the client and in such circumstances the payment made by the visitor, user or subscriber of this website will not be refundable.