Teams & Roles

SanSra is a company of bold innovators and dreamers. We are continually looking for ways to build it bigger, smarter, faster, stronger and better.

No matter where you work or what you do—it’s people that make the difference. We have a variety of teams to choose from; our opportunities are broader than you might think. You could find yourself working on software applications and services for consumers, gamers, developers, medical, electronics, businesses or governments.

What this means for you is opportunity—to experience a variety of jobs, technologies, and geographies. To meet and learn from interesting and talented people. To make an impact by working on things that make a real difference in millions, even billions, of people’s lives.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is responsible for global staffing, compensation, benefits, organizational development, diversity, and workplace culture.

Legal and Corporate Affairs

The Legal and Corporate Affairs team oversees the company's intellectual property portfolio, patent licensing business, and government affairs, public policy, corporate citizenship, and philanthropic work.


The Marketing team reaches and engages consumers, businesses, and employees globally and is a single, unified team across products, services, and devices. The team is home to centralized and connected advertising, brand, communications, and media teams.

Sales and Services

Our Sales and Services team (including sales marketing) delivers our family of devices and services to customers and partners all over the world. It includes worldwide sales, field marketing, services, support, IT, licensing, commercial operations and advertising.

Advanced Strategy

The Advanced Strategy team focuses on research, trustworthy computing, the intersection of technology and policy, and our cross-company view of key new technology trends. Teams include research, trustworthy computing, technology policy, startup business and strategic software.